15 years ago, when I bought my first repair shop and about a week into operation I had a nice gentleman with a Buick Regal come in for a brake job. Nice and straightforward, "just get it done" he says. Cool. 10 minutes later, I get another Buick Regal (same maroon color) towed in with a blown head gasket. So... guess… » 4/08/15 2:27pm 4/08/15 2:27pm

This is a card for fools who love to impulse buy. Over 1080p performance is disappointing to say the least. Price... for a purely gaming card is ridiculous. In... what, three months time, Nvidia will most likely release a 980ti that will most likely outperform the Titan at a lower cost. » 3/17/15 3:27pm 3/17/15 3:27pm